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Founders Joe and Emmy Liu

Welcome to Lively Health

Lively Health, a project of Joe and Emmy Liu Foundation, was founded by Silicon Valley semiconductor veteran Joe and his wife Emmy in 2019 as a 501(c)3 private operating foundation using technology to benefit human wellbeing.​

Lifestyle education and behavioral modification are crucial to our wellness and longevity,” said Ching-Pin Chang, M.D., Ph.D. He has over 20 years of experience in heart disease research and volunteers to serve as Chairman of Liu Foundation’s Medical Advisory Committee Chairman.

Foundation Chairman of Medical Advisory Committee​​ CP Chang
Dr. Chin-Pin chang
Chairman of Medical Advisory Committee, Liu Foundation


The Foundation’s Mission is to Use Technological Innovation for Behavior Conditioning and the Advocacy of Whole Health to Prevent Illness.


Use Lively Health App to prevent chronic conditions by building your 5 Pillars of Whole Health (physical, mental, social, financial, and medical)

  • Maintain 10 evidence-based healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Help save trillions on healthcare costs.
  • Together, build a healthy society free of chronic conditions.


Habits are hard to build and will take repeated practices, but behavior conditioning helps people make healthy habits into a reality. Together, we can build a healthier society, one habit at a time. We believe, with easy access to technology, we can keep track and improve our lifestyle.

Our Innovation

The Foundation devoted a philanthrope Lively Health App using technology innovation to prevent the chronic condition(s). An easy-to-use yet holistic health App was designed to gradually change users’ lifestyle habits to lower the likelihood of getting chronic condition. Harvard’s five lifestyle choices were used as the baseline score-trackers, with additional mental, spiritual, financial, and medical lifestyle choices for a holistic health App to educate, motivate, and shape ones’ lifestyle habits, as a result, lower the likelihood of getting chronic condition(s), gain quality of life, and healthy longevity.

Doctor and nurse

Effective Lifestyle Choices for Disease Prevention

Fortunately, a Harvard School of Public Health study reveals that following 5 simple habits may prolong your life by 10 years or more. The study started by following participants starting at the age of 50. The 5 healthy habits are no smoking, no excess drinking, regular exercise, diet, and weight control. The result shows that participants were 82% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 65% less likely to die from cancer when compared to those with the least healthy lifestyles throughout the roughly 30-year study period.

What is Operant Condition?

Operant conditioning, also known as instrumental conditioning, is defined as a method of learning that employs rewards and punishments for behavior. Through operant conditioning, an association is made between a behavior and a consequence (whether it’s positive or negative) for that behavior.  For example, when rewards are introduced to increase behavior and a punishment to decrease behavior.

The Lively Health App aims to help users change unhealthy behaviors and build healthy habits through operant conditioning. Both positive and negative reinforcements are used in the App with a simple scoring system: 10 points for healthy behavior, 5 points for decent behavior, and 0 points for unhealthy behavior.  A scheduled system of rewards reinforces desirable behaviors and targeted punishments eliminate undesirable behaviors.  

Research shows that positive consequences are more powerful than negative consequences for improving behavior.  Therefore, we encourage users to work toward achieving 100 points, scoring 10 points for each healthy habit. Daily check-ins further reinforce the users to think about their habits and so positive behavior changes can happen over time.

Pillars of Whole Health

The 5 Pillars of Whole Health are Lively Health’s approach to Whole Health and helping people to live a healthier lifestyle. Following the 5 pillars closely can help you take control of your life. The reflective questions offered in the Lively Health App are broken down into FIVE pillars of holistic health – Mental, Social, Financial, Physical, and Medical. Holistic health is an ongoing process, therefore, paying attention to these five areas of health can prepare you to live a healthier and more proactive life free of chronic diseases.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Medical

Physical wellness is an important but often overlooked aspect of people's overall health. In addition to avoiding bad habits, developing habits like eating balanced diets, daily exercises, quality sleep, and weight control are key to keep one's body working properly.​​

Mental health is crucial in every stage of life and helps determine how people handle stress and make healthy choices. You can start taking care of your mental health by finding purpose, practicing gratitude, and find ways to relieve stress.  

Humans are social animals. Strong relationships are linked to better health, increased happiness, and longer life. ​You can start by strengthening your existing relationships and make some new friends, too.

Long term financial plans help people to meet their life goals. Importantly, a well-thought-out financial plan allows you to be in control of your income, expense, and investments to achieve your goals. When you’re struggling financially, fear and stress can take over your world. Therefore, overwhelming  financial stress can lead your mind, body, and social life to take on a heavy toll. 

Regular checkups are an essential step in preventive care because they can reduce your chance of getting sick, detect illness and increase lifespan. Furthermore, blood pressure and BMI allows people to have a clearer picture of their health.​ Keeping track of your blood pressure can allow your doctor to make decisions on your health early on, potentially preventing hypertension, high blood pressure. Tracking your weight helps you measure your BMI to prevent or reverse obesity. 

Lifestyle Habits

The Lively Health App integrates 10 proven healthy lifestyle habits covering five holistic health pillars—physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and medical—to improve quality of life and prevent illness. Long-term adherence to 10 healthy habits can people achieve preventive health and longevity.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet that gives your body the nutrients it needs. It usually consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish, and eggs. This doesn’t mean you can’t have cheat meals, but rather eat in moderation.

Calorie Control

Portion and Calorie control means knowing when you are full and being mindful not to overeat.

Daily Exercises

Daily exercises can range from low-intensity walking to high-intensity workouts. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps n your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Quality Sleep

The signs of sleep deprivation include trouble concentrating, memory issues, high blood pressure, and weight gain. The CDC recommends that adults get 7-9 hours of quality sleep each day.

No Bad Habits

 Bad habits include smoking, substance abuse, and alcohol abuse. These habits can lead to the development of chronic diseases over time, so avoid them!

Mental Health

It is normal to experience stress in your life, but it’s essential to take care of your mental health. Understanding the cause of stress, practicing relaxation techniques and positive thinking can help you manage your stress levels.

Social Health

A social support network is made up of family, friends, and peers. Having supportive relationships to talk about different aspects of life can reduce stress and improve an individual’s general health and well-being.

Financial Plan

Financial plan is a personal examination and planning of your finances. Look at your income and expenses, and plan for savings and investments.

Blood Pressure

It’s important to get an accurate blood pressure reading so that you have a clearer picture of your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Weight Control

Weight control means being aware of your body weight and actively maintain it at healthy levels.